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For those that want to help Sentai grow quicker they can donate any of the following graphics: Level Badges, Link Buttons, Card Images. Please see the individual sections below for requirements, as well as the rewards for

Level Badges
• Level badges should be a maximum of 300 wide and 135 high.
• Should be submitted as sets of 5
Rewards: 2 Choice normal, 1 Choice Special, 2 Random Normal, 1 Random Special

Link Buttons
• No maximum size, just use what you think is appropiate
• Should be submitted as sets of 5 minimum
Rewards: 1 Choice Normal, 2 Random Normal

Card Images
• No maximum size, the larger/better quality image the better
• Should be submitted with a minimum of 20 images unless its for a special deck
Rewards: 2 Choice cards from the deck, 2 Choice Normal cards, 2 Choice Special Cards, 2 Random Normal, 2 Random Special

If you are donating decks please include the following Information
• Deck Name
• Deck Description
• Series
• Deck Type (Character/Scene/Puzzle/Special)
• Episode Number if its from one
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